At the Saint John Women’s Empowerment Network we are all about connection.

We love when women come to us looking for opportunities that will enhance their quality of life. Whether they want to connect with others, get more connected with services in their community, or just learn more about themselves, we have programs for them.

We love connecting with our community partners to support women as they set and reach personal goals. Our skilled facilitators have endless compassion and knowledge and truly love meeting and working alongside women.

Come in (when Covid is over) and have a cup of tea and learn about us. In the meantime you can call us, email us, reach out on social media, or drop by 133 Prince Edward Street. If we cannot help, we will find someone who can.

At this time we are running programs in person as well as online, depending on public health guidelines. Connect with us to learn more.

Originally named the Urban Core Support Network, the Saint John Women’s Empowerment Network has been in existence in Saint John since 1994. 

Our vision as a community service is to ensure women are empowered, living sustainable lives, and are accepted and thriving as full, contributing partners in society.  We have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of women in our 27 years of service, and we continue to make an impact on our community. 

Our focus is to strengthen and deepen our roots so that we can continue to enable, engage, and empower women in Atlantic Canada. We understand that women often face systematic barriers which prevent them from moving out of poverty. We work with women to ensure their voices are heard by decision makers and with influencers to help effect change.

A community in which women are empowered, living sustainable lives and are contributing as full partners in society.

To improve the quality of life for low-income women through leadership training, employment readiness and community engagement, and awareness.

Coming soon.

How we're funded

We receive funding support from the Government of Canada, Province of New Brunswick, United Way, Sisters of Charity, The Community Foundation, and Living Saint John.

Who we serve

Though based in Saint John, our programs operate throughout the province of New Brunswick.

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