In November, 10 women graduated from the first online delivery of Power Up! The Saint John Women’s Empowerment Network team worked at creating an adapted version that would deliver the same outcomes and created a feeling of connection to all participants while working virtually.  Offering the program online produced a unique opportunity for participants to explore technology in ways that most had not done before. 11 guest speakers from the

In October 2020, 8 women graduated from our Self-Esteem Program. This past year, this very well received program had a bit of a refresh due in part by the responses and input of participants, facilitators and focus groups. The “refresh” was supported by the Pilot Fund for Gender Equality, a collaboration between Community Foundations of Canada and the Equality Fund, with support from the Government of Canada. The “bones” of

NEWS RELEASE From Status of Women Canada Projects will engage local women leaders in pan-Canadian network to support a thriving gender equality movement AUGUST 31, 2017, SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK – Status of Women Canada As Canada marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation, it is important to reflect on our legacy for the future. Despite the important milestones witnessed in these 150 years, women, girls, and gender non-conforming people still